Steadfast 2nd Anniversary Biere de Garde

Gradazione alcolica:
Ingredienti principali: sorghum, rice syrup, molasses, honey, tapioca-derived maltodextrin, spices, hops, yeast.
Colore: Burnished copper/amber with creamy, off-white foam. Clarity at the beginning of the pour; hazy if you should disturb the sediment – both ways are tasty!
Aroma: Fresh orange zest, black licorice and signature estery Trappist yeast aromas. Bread, caramel and candy-like sweetness.
Gusto: Belgian yeast character interwoven with a complex blend of spice flavors. Citrus, anise, pepper, stone fruit, tropical fruit and floral are just a few. Let it warm up in your goblet and witness the delicious changes.
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Produttore: Steadfast Beer Co.
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