Steadfast Pumpkin Spice Ale

Gradazione alcolica:
Ingredienti principali: sorghum, rice syrup, molasses, pumpkin, lactose, tapioca-derived maltodextrin, vanilla, spices, hops, yeast.
Colore: Burnt-orange with a solid, off-white head. Clear, or not so much – depending on how you poured; this one is unfiltered!
Aroma: Mostly cinnamon and nutmeg with an inviting vanilla sweetness – herbal hop and squash aromas weave throughout.
Gusto: An autumnal spice crescendo! Flavors of baked holiday treats, earthy pumpkin, and satisfying sweetness usher your palate to a quick, clean finish. Another sip, please!
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Produttore: Steadfast Beer Co.
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